Buying furniture, food, clothes, diapers, and other items for their children can be very expensive for new families. For some parents, the thought of spending even more on the toys that they want for their young children seems almost impossible. Getting free used toys from can keep your children and you happier because you get the toys they want without spending any money.

Finding Free Gently Used Toys on Hand-Me-Downs

The free gently used toys on are listed by city. This is helpful for parents looking for free toys because you can reduce or completely cut out the cost of shipping and handling when you get the gently used toys from someone in your own city. You can also choose to look in other cities. When you find the perfect free gently used toy that your child wants, paying a little for shipping might be worth it.
Gently Used Toys on Hand-Me-Downs

Some parents worry about accepting free toys because they think that they are just taking someone else’s junk. The free toys on are gently used. That means they don’t have any holes, rips, tears, stains, or other problems. They are used, but they have been taken care of properly. Some of the free toys listed on hand-me-downs look brand new. Children grow up quickly, so they often play with certain toys for a short time only. Parents donate them so other children can enjoy them.
Types of Free Gently Used Toys on Hand-Me-Downs

There are many different types of free gently used toys listed on As more people use the site, more and more free gently used toys are listed there. Some of the free toys that you might find listed include
  • plush dolls
  • electronic games
  • outdoor toys and sports items like baseballs and footballs
  • rattlers, balls, and other toys for babies
  • board games
  • and collectibles toys
Donating Gently Used Toys on Hand-Me-Downs

Donating the gently used toys that your kids don’t use anymore is a good way to clear up space in your house while making a child’s life better. It’s also easy. Just post a short description of the gently used toys on and wait for someone to ask for them.

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