When it comes to baby bedding, the only real concern is the comfort and safety of your baby. Yet, we all desire to add a little style, some enjoyable themes or an entire bedroom suite so our baby is relaxing in style. It's funny that so much money is spent on the bedroom/nursery where the newborn spends the least amount of their waking hours. Thus, when presented with an option to purchase high quality, gently used baby bedding and baby bumpers at a fraction of retail price, priority, concern and desire are combined for an option worth pursuing.

Shopping for Gently Used Baby Bedding at Hand-Me-Downs

At handmedowns.com you'll find a wonderful variety of gently used baby bedding for bassinets, baskets, carriers, cribs and toddler beds. Generally, you'll prefer a bassinet or crib for your newborn, offering them security as well as space to stretch and move.

However, once your little one is standing in the crib and trying to crawl over the side, it's time to consider a bed. To cut the cost factor of the rapid childhood transitions, consider the gently used baby bedding you can find at handmedowns.com.
  • Bedding for Cribs and Beds – You’ll find a variety of bedding options cribs and beds. Shop for brand names at a fraction of the retail cost and find bedding for race car beds, trundle beds, antique cribs and custom made wood cribs.
  • Bedding for Playpens – As your little one becomes more active, they're going to need some more “space” to play and physically develop. You'll find a variety of Graco “Pack and Play” portable pens on the site, and the bedding that goes with them.
  • Bedding for Bassinets and Baskets – You can shop for great brands at great prices. FInd Eddie Bauer, Graco and Kolcraft bassinets and baskets or just look for the bedding that will fit your baby furniture needs.

Selling Your Gently Used Baby Bedding and Baby Bumpers

When your child outgrows their crib or bassinet and you begin shopping for their first bed, handmedowns.com offers the perfect resource for buying and selling gently used baby bedding. You can shop and sell based on your geographic location, and if you have a desire to offer your gently used baby bedding to a charity, handmedowns.com will help facilitate this as well.  

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