Babies fly through clothes so quickly. Every parent can share stories about how their children “never wore this outfit,” or “only wore that one time.” Bottom line, parents end up with a pile of gently used baby clothes. When you consider how fast children outgrow all of the clothes they're provided as gifts at birth, parents can quickly find themselves in a predicament. This is where comes into play.

Hand-Me-Downs – The Perfect Solution to Gently Used Baby Clothes

Without a direct link to family or friends with older children, hand me downs are often hard to come by. presents a great solution to parents who desire to stay within a budget, and still want to offer their children clothing options that fit properly. There's even a good chance that you can find “used” clothing from infant to 8 years at that qualifies as “never been worn.”
  • offers excellent gently used baby clothing for boys, girls, infants, toddlers, tots and kiddos who are well on their way to the elementary scene.
  • Find clothing from brands such as Baby Gap, Carters and Old Navy, as well as many items from stores like The Pumpkin Patch. You'll also find a solid selection of high-end baby clothing brands like Janie & Jack, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture Kids, Splendid Littles and Little Marc Jacobs.
  • The baby clothes offered through hand-me-downs often come in lots, providing several articles within a size category at a fraction of the retail cost.
  • You can shop for gently used baby clothes within your own geographic location to help keep shipping costs down.

Hand-Me-Downs – A Great Place to Sell Your Gently Used Baby Clothes

Once your child has grown out of their clothes, you certainly don't want to keep them all. Even if you have adequate storage, at some point the excess just becomes another chore that keeps you from spending time with your family.

At you can offer your gently used baby clothes to others, and make a small chunk of change while doing so. If you would prefer to simply give your child's clothes away, make no mistake, they'll be quickly gathered by an appreciative parent. Along those lines, if you would prefer to donate any gently used baby clothes to charity, provides the resources to do so.