For parents searching for great deals on baby furniture, it's easy to see the budget stretch before the nursery or bedroom contains all of the necessary items. For anyone lost in this predicament, easy solutions are available.

Consider the fact that many parents do away with their gently used baby furniture once their children have outgrown the furniture. Most of the time, this furniture is left in excellent condition.
Gently Used Baby Furniture for Sale at Hand-Me-Downs

If you're presently looking to fill out your baby's room, or your home nursery, consider the gently used baby furniture offered at There is a variety of gently used baby furniture available: storage items, cribs and beds, changing tables, bassinets, gliders and many other items offered at a fraction of what you would find at a local retailer.
  • offers buyers the opportunity to buy locally, or shop for items close to their home, greatly cutting shipping costs. 
  • You'll find name brand baby furniture such as Graco, Pottery Barn Kids, Fisher Price, Shabby Chic, Morigeau Lepine and Bellini, all at costs that are far less than what a store could offer.
  • Gently used baby furniture items found on have plenty of life left.  Most of these items show minimal wear, and are perfect for furnishing a baby room/nursery at highly discounted prices.

Making Money With Your Gently Used Baby Furniture

When your baby becomes a toddler, and quickly becomes a child, there's really no need to keep and store their old baby furniture. offers you an opportunity to list and sell your gently used baby furniture at a price that you set. If you're not interested in making money from your baby furniture, you can also offer it for free via, where some lucky mom or dad would love to make use of a furniture item that your child has outgrown. If you have a desire to donate your gently used baby furniture, can connect you to charities that would benefit from your unnecessary furniture items as well.

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