Bouncers, highchairs, exersaucers, strollers, swings...add them all up, and supplying your child with all the necessary baby gear can get incredibly expensive. You're already well aware that there are worthwhile expenses that accompany the rearing of a child, but you should also know that you can slide a little more into your budget if you'll consider buying gently used baby gear. Gently used means exactly that, and is the perfect place to score great deals on baby gear that has been utilized, but still has plenty of life left.

Shopping for Gently Used Baby Gear at Hand-Me-Downs

You'll find a great selection of high quality, gently used baby gear at listed by geographical location, making shipping or convenient pickups less expensive than providing shipping costs for new items at online stores. You'll also find brand name baby gear products at a fraction of retail costs, and sometimes you'll find a true deal in the free baby gear section.
  • provides a large variety of gently used baby gear, including top brands such as: BOB Sport Utility joggers, Graco strollers, Fisher Price bouncers, as well as many other brand names and products. 
  • Prices at are determined by the seller, making the site an incredible resource to secure top-quality, gently used baby gear for sometimes next to nothing.
  • also serves as an online community where you can browse for everything from gently used baby gear to baby sitting and daycare services in your area. Those who are active on the site may even find opportunities to barter for personal goods or services.

Selling Your Gently Used Baby Stuff

Now that you know you can score fantastic deals on gently used baby gear via, it's nice to know that when you're done with your gear, you can also sell it here at a price of your choosing.  This is a wonderful way to put a little money back into the baby budget, and free up some space in your home.

Giving Away Gently Used Baby Gear to Those With Need also offers a wonderful opportunity to give items away if you please, or donate them to charities that could greatly benefit from the gently used baby gear that your child no longer needs.

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