A baby needs toys. It's one fact a parent can bank on. Toys for children aren't merely an attempt to keep them busy, or entertained for a few minutes; toys serve as tools for babies to develop their motor skills, their social skills and their reasoning abilities. Sometimes it's quite an experiment to find the toys that best suit a child, and these experiments can become quite expensive.

Gently Used Baby Toys

One way to provide your baby with a wide variety of toys to look at and play with, is by making the toy budget stretch. The best way to make your budget stretch is through the purchase of gently used toys that still possess plenty of life left for play sessions. A great resource to find gently used baby toys, as well as other gently used baby gear is handmedowns.com. This online community is dedicated to connecting parents in need to parents who are offering their baby toys, baby gear and baby services for sale.

Purchasing Gently Used Baby Toys at Hand-Me-Downs

At handmedowns.com, you'll find an incredible variety of baby toys for sale, appropriate for all ages. You can shop by geographic location, or browse locations throughout the United States.

  • Handmedowns.com offers top-quality, gently used baby toys from all of the most popular brands: Fisher Price, Leapster, Disney, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Bratz, Nickelodeon, Pottery Barn, Klutz, Playskool, Little Tikes, Lego, Kellter, Schwinn, Lionel, Radio Flyer... and the list goes on. The best part is that all the toys are available at a fraction of retail costs.
  • Choose from dolls, plush animals, games, electronics, outdoor toys, exercise toys, bicycles and tricycles and action toys for toddlers.
  • Handmedowns.com offers many gently used baby items, including toys, furniture, clothing and even childcare services.

Selling Gently Used Baby Toys

The site is also an excellent resource for selling unwanted, gently used baby toys. If you desire, you can even offer your child's toys as true hand me downs for free to the first taker. Handmedowns.com also gives you an opportunity to donate your gently used baby toys to charitable organizations that would benefit from using them or selling them.

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