Though many infants are often brought home to a beautiful bassinet, it's not very long before they're going to need more secure sleeping quarters. Once they figure out how to use their little arms and legs, a crib is necessary to provide safety and comfort to the baby. One great way to secure a crib without busting your budget is by purchasing a gently used crib.

Buying Gently Used Cribs at Hand-Me-Downs

For the parent in the market for a quality crib at a discounted price, offers an excellent shopping opportunity. For starters, parents will be able to shop in a specific local area, helping to keep shipping costs to a minimum (in some cases, the crib may be picked up).
  • Choose from a number of gently used cribs, including various sizes, mattresses and baby bedding options at a fraction of retail costs on
  • Brand name cribs are available such as Morigeau Lepine, Shabby Chic, Pottery Barn Kids, Delta, Newport Cottages, Bonavita and Bellini in beautiful condition, ready for additional use.
  • also has many beds to choose from, so when your baby is ready to transition to a toddler bed, you can sell your old crib and find a toddler bed at an affordable price.

Affordable Style With a Gently Used Crib

If you’re developing a style or scheme for your child's room or your home nursery, it's nice to cut costs in one area in order to spend a little more in another. By purchasing a gently used crib, you'll receive a quality item that has a lot of life left to give, and you won't have to use your entire nursery budget to do so. You'll find a variety of high dollar, gently used, designer cribs at

Selling Your Gently Used Crib

Unless you're hoping to keep and maintain your gently used crib to share with someone else, you can make considerable money on your investment by offering it for sale at The site is especially helpful for those who are looking to transition from crib to bed, as they can sell the crib and find a gently used bed for a comparable price.

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