Kids of all ages love electronics and games, but sometimes you just don’t have enough money in your budget to buy the products that they want. The electronics and games that your children want might be cheaper than you think, though, when you choose to buy gently used items from other parents in your area by using

Where to Find Gently Used Electronics and Games

If you try to find used electronics and games in stores, then you will probably spend a lot of time driving around town looking for the exact items that you want. You can turn to the Internet to find good deals, but many sites don’t let you know what condition their used electronics and games are in. All of the products listed on hand-me-downs are gently used. They’ve been properly taken care of so that they are not damaged in any way. The only significant difference between the gently used electronics and games that you buy on and the ones that you could buy from the store is the price.

Types of Gently Used Electronics and Games on Hand-Me-Downs

Kids are particular about the things that they want. It usually has to be a specific game or they lose interest. There are many different types of electronics and games listed on the hand-me-downs web site. As more parents like you use the site, more items are added because parents buy from each other.

Some of the gently used electronics and games that you might find on your city’s hand-me-downs page include

  • Electronic pets by Funkeys, i-Dog, and Tamagotchi
  • Handheld educational electronic games by VTech, Fisher Price, and LeapFrog
  • and video cameras and spy gear


Selling Your Gently Used Electronics and Games

Hand-me-downs works better when more people use it. That means parents need to sell their gently used stuff as well as buy it. When you list your gently used electronics and games, other parents in your area will browse them to decide if they want to purchase them. When an interested person decides to buy, they contact you to make arrangements. You can make a bundle of money selling all of the toys your kids don’t play with anymore.

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