For the active parent, baby sitter, and for the baby who loves to be on the move, a stroller is a necessity. In the last couple of decades, the stroller has evolved into a multi-functioning vehicle with larger wheels, multiple seats and aesthetic styles to perfectly match the stroller operator's lifestyle. And as you already know, these strollers are really expensive. However, there are opportunities to grab a gently used stroller at an incredible discount if you know the right place to shop. 

Shopping for Gently Used Strollers 

One of the best ways to secure a gently used stroller is through a friendly hand me down. Most of the time, it seems, your needs don't always coincide with the hand me down schedules of friends and family. If this is the case, consider turning to The site serves as a one-stop shop for everything baby-related. It’s an ideal place for grabbing a great, gently used stroller for a highly discounted price. You'll find a great variety of strollers, from traditional single strollers, umbrella strollers and light weight strollers.   

Gently Used Strollers at Hand-Me-Downs 

Do you have a particular stroller brand that you're interested in, or are you simply hoping to browse a wide selection. At you can browse the offerings by nearest geographic region, which will help eliminate, or greatly reduce any potential shipping costs. 

  • Find top-quality name brand strollers such as Bugaboo, Maclaran, Orbitz, Mia Modo, Snap 'n Go, Graco, Evenflo, Kelty and Schwinn, all at discounted prices. 
  • Some strollers for sale at have only been used a few times, and function as if they just came out of the box. 
  • Gently used strollers found at are viewable on the site, where you'll also find an accurate description of the item.

Selling Your Gently Used Stroller at Hand-Me-Downs

On the other side of the spectrum are those of you who are looking to sell or give away your gently used stroller. You'll find exactly such an opportunity at, where you can choose to price it and sell it, offer it for free to the first-taker or even donate it to a charity that can benefit from its use. Here are a few tips for selling on

  •  Be sure to offer a precise description of your gently used stroller, including the brand and style, when you list it for sale.
  •  Price your gently used stroller appropriately. Think about what you might pay for it in its used condition.
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