Many parents like to use baby formula in addition to or as a replacement for breastfeeding, but buying formula can be expensive for new parents who also need to buy furniture, clothes, and other accessories for their babies. Buying unused baby formula from other parents on hand-me-downs can help you save money that could be spent in other ways.

Finding Unused Baby Formula 

It is difficult for many parents to find unused baby formula that is sold at reduced prices because they only shop at retail stores. With, though, you can find parents who have too much formula. They sell the formula to other parents at reduced prices so they can get some of their money back and clear out space in their homes.

Types of Unused Baby Formula
Just because you are buying unused baby formula from other parents does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. In fact, many parents list brand name formulas that you can buy. Some of the unused baby formulas that you might find on hand-me-downs include

  • Carnation
  • Similac
  • and Enfamil

Saving Money with Unused Baby Formula

Buying unused baby formula from other parents on hand-me-downs will help you save some money, but you can save even more when you buy smart. Try ordering formula from parents who live in your area to reduce shipping costs. You might also be able to reduce shipping costs by purchasing several different items from the same person so that they can send them to you in the same package.
Selling Unused Baby Formula on Hand-Me-Downs

If you are a parent who has leftover unused baby formula, then you can make some money by selling it to new parents on Not only will you make some money, you will also make some room in your house that the leftover unused formula is taking up. You don’t want to just throw it away, though, because that would be wasteful. Selling the leftover unused formula on hand-me-downs is the responsible thing to do and you can make a bundle of money on unused products.

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